There comes a point in one’s educational journey where you inevitably ask yourself, “Am I a math/science person?”. You just got your Algebra test score back. Your lab report grade was just submitted. You felt embarrassed in class when you answered a question incorrectly. It can be a disheartening moment, and it is normal to wonder if you are the problem. 

That’s where your Hamline STEM Start tutor comes in. 

We want to find you at this moment of self-doubt and work with you until you are convinced you still are a math/science person. We believe that learning is a process, that mistakes are part of the journey, that there is nothing wrong with you. We want to help you build confidence in yourself and better understand the process of approaching challenging content in science and math courses. We see the college-ready learner, mathematician and scientist in you. You can learn to see it too. From there, your world is wide-open with possibilities. 

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