Program Information

If you’re interested in enrolling your student in the Hamline STEM Start program, or if you have any questions about what we do, you can click the red contact tab in the bottom right corner, or visit our Contact page.

Hamline Alumni STEM Start Tutoring Program 

Here is our brief overview of the program: 

Mission Statement:  

Tutoring motivated high school students in STEM learning to encourage the vision of themselves as college-ready learners and scientists.  

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  1. Being a scientist is a mindset, not a credential 
  1. Each of us is both a learner and a teacher 
  1. Respecting each other is a foundation of our collaboration 
  1. Supporting women and students of color in STEM makes our science stronger 
  1. We focus on how we learn, not just what we learn 
  1. Everything is difficult before it is easy 
  1. Whoever does the work does the learning 
  1. Making mistakes is how we make progress 
  1. Challenging ourselves is how we grow our capacity 
  1. Staying curious deepens our insight 

Basic Structure of the Program: 

  • Tutors are paired up with students by subject area and tutor/student availability.
  • Tutors and students work together over Zoom/Google Meet/Etc. to make progress on problem sets, concept clarification, lab reports, test preparation, etc. 
  • Hamline Professors in Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics will be periodically stopping in on tutoring sessions to support, supervise, and offer their expertise. 
  • Tutoring done free of charge to the school, student and family.