Our Mission

Hamline University endeavors to create a stronger relationship between the university and local high schools with an emphasis on supporting high school students currently enrolled in STEM classes, specifically Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. With this in mind, we invite you to partner with us in a unique opportunity to provide your students with access to university-level tutoring and mentoring with current Hamline STEM students, overseen by Hamline faculty.    

This pilot program is sponsored by former Hamline University Alumni, and will be provided free of charge to schools, students and parents.  

Each of our university student tutors will have 1 – 4 hours of availability per week for providing 1:1 tutoring for students. The focus of each session will be tailored to the student’s needs (e.g. homework, concept clarification, lab reports, projects, test preparation, etc.). The goal of the program is to provide support outside of the classroom setting to motivated students who could deepen their STEM confidence with additional time and attention spent on their STEM studies. 

Additionally we hope this tutoring collaboration makes university feel more accessible for students. The context of university and the vision of being a university student may currently feel mystifying to many high schoolers. Linking high school students with current university students will encourage them to envision their own future in university, with their tutors as aspirational role models. It is our hope that this program will serve as the first step in clearing a path for your STEM students in High School to pursue university-level STEM studies at institutions such as Hamline.  

We hope many join us in this endeavor to help high school students develop their confidence in STEM subjects and more readily envision their future in university and STEM careers!