Tackling Difficult Concepts

 Dear Parents and High School Teachers,

Encourage One-on-One Tutoring for Math, Chemistry, and Physics: Meet Hamline STEM Start Tutoring- A Free Academic Service!

As winter approaches, it’s time to reflect on our academic journey at Hamline STEM Start. We understand the vital role of strong foundations in math, chemistry, and physics for high school students. This month, we want to highlight the advantages of personalized, one-on-one tutoring for your students in these crucial subjects.

Why Choose One-on-One Tutoring?

Tackling Difficult Concepts

Some topics in math, chemistry, and physics can be particularly daunting. Unfamiliar terms, counter-intuitive concepts, and exceptions to rules can lead to confusion on behalf of the student. A great way to remove this confusion is through regular tutoring sessions, such as those offered by the Hamline STEM Start program.

Our tutors, who are experts in their fields, are adept at explaining complex concepts in ways that make them accessible to students. They would be happy to work with your students to ensure they have achieved mastery of any areas causing confusion. The new terms and rules will gradually become familiar to your students through regular practice during tutoring sessions, leading to enhanced competencies. 

Difficult concepts are inevitable, but they need not stay difficult. We look forward to making these once-difficult concepts familiar to your students and enhancing the capabilities of the students in your classroom!

Hamline StemStart Science Formula Sheet: A Game-Changer for High School Students!

Dear Parents/Teachers,

We’re thrilled to introduce the latest tool to elevate our high school students’ understanding and application of science principles: the Hamline StemStart Science Formula Sheet!

What is the Hamline StemStart Science Formula Sheet?

The StemStart formula sheet is a concise and comprehensive collection of the most fundamental formulas and principles in math, physics, and chemistry. Tailored for high school students, this tool aims to simplify complex concepts and provide a go-to guide for quick revision and application.

 Why is it beneficial?

1. Saves Time: No more sifting through textbooks or endless online resources. Find the formulas you need in seconds!

2. Boosts Confidence: Grasping core concepts becomes more manageable, ensuring students are prepared for both classroom discussions and exams.

3. Supports Different Learning Styles: Visual learners, in particular, will benefit from the clear presentation and logical layout.

How to Get Yours:

Now available, the formula sheet will be available for download on the Hamline StemStart portal. 

Let’s make science learning more intuitive, enjoyable, and efficient! Dive into the world of math, physics, and chemistry with the Hamline StemStart Science Formula Sheet as your trusty companion.

Best wishes,

The Hamline StemStart Team

Remember, every tool, including our new formula sheet, is most effective when combined with diligent study and curiosity. Happy learning to all!

It’s Never Too Early or Too Late!

Encourage your students to seek tutoring assistance early in their academic journey, but also stress that it’s never too late to start. Whether they are in the early stages of high school or facing advanced senior-level courses, tutoring can significantly boost their academic performance and confidence.

Hamline STEM Start boasts an experienced team of tutors ready to support your students’ educational pursuits. We ask you to encourage students now to embark on their tutoring journey with us today to ensure they have the resources needed for success.

To help your students schedule one-on-one tutoring sessions for math, chemistry, or physics, please direct them and the parents/guardians to our tutoring department at info@hamlinestemstart.com or 651-523-2192. Our tutors are dedicated to helping your students excel in STEM studies.

Thank you for your dedication to nurturing the next generation of STEM enthusiasts. Together, we can provide your students with the support they need to thrive in math, chemistry, and physics.

Warm regards,

Cesar Perez

Hamline STEM Start Student Educational Director


Professor Sarah Hick

Hamline STEM Start Faculty Educational Director


(651) 523-2761

Professor Bruce Bolon

Hamline STEM Start Faculty Director


(651) 523-2192

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