Cramming Before Tests

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Dear High School Teachers and Parents, 

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As the new year continues to unfold, it’s time to reflect on our academic journey at Hamline STEM Start. We understand the vital role of strong foundations in math, chemistry, and physics for high school students. This month, we want to highlight the advantages of personalized, one-on-one tutoring for your students in these crucial subjects. 

Why Choose One-on-One Tutoring? 


Cramming Before Tests 

In the realm of education, the phenomenon of procrastination and last-minute cramming before exams is all too familiar. Many students, driven by the pressures of academic deadlines and competing priorities, find themselves succumbing to the temptation of delaying their study efforts until the eleventh hour. However, this habit of procrastination comes with a host of negative consequences that can hinder students’ academic success and overall well-being. 

One of the most immediate repercussions of cramming is the escalation of stress levels among students. As the deadline looms closer, students experience heightened anxiety and pressure to absorb large volumes of information within a short span of time. This stress not only impairs their cognitive functioning but also contributes to feelings of overwhelm and apprehension, further exacerbating the cycle of procrastination.

Moreover, the act of cramming itself undermines students’ ability to retain and comprehend information effectively. Instead of engaging in thoughtful, deep learning experiences, students resort to rote memorization and surface-level understanding in a frantic attempt to cover as much material as possible. Consequently, the knowledge acquired through cramming tends to be fleeting and shallow, lacking the depth necessary for long-term retention and application. 

While cramming may yield short-term gains in terms of passing an exam, it often falls short when it comes to fostering genuine understanding and mastery of the subject matter. Once the exam is over, students may struggle to recall the information they hastily memorized, rendering their efforts largely futile in the grand scheme of their academic journey. 

To address this pervasive issue, it is crucial for parents and teachers to collaborate in equipping students with effective study skills and time management strategies. By encouraging students to adopt proactive study habits, such as breaking down study sessions into manageable chunks, utilizing spaced repetition techniques, and engaging in regular review, educators can empower students to take control of their learning and mitigate the harmful effects of procrastination and cramming. 

Ultimately, by promoting a culture of consistent and mindful study practices, parents and teachers can help students cultivate resilience, confidence, and a genuine passion for learning that extends far beyond the confines of exam season.


It’s Never Too Early or Too Late! 

Encourage your students to seek tutoring assistance early in their academic journey, but also stress that it’s never too late to start. Whether they are in the early stages of high school or facing advanced senior-level courses, tutoring can significantly boost their academic performance and confidence. 

Hamline STEM Start boasts an experienced team of tutors ready to support your students’ educational pursuits. We ask you to encourage students now to embark on their tutoring journey with us today to ensure they have the resources needed for success. 

To help your students schedule one-on-one tutoring sessions for math, chemistry, or physics, please direct them and the parents/guardians to our tutoring department at or 651-523-2192. Our tutors are dedicated to helping your students excel in STEM studies. 

Thank you for your dedication to nurturing the next generation of STEM enthusiasts. Together, we can provide your students with the support they need to thrive in math, chemistry, and physics. 

Warm regards,

Cesar Esteban Perez 

Hamline STEM Start Student Educational Director 

Professor Sarah Hick 

Hamline STEM Start Faculty Educational Director 

(651) 523-2761 

Professor Bruce Bolon 

Hamline STEM Start Faculty Director 

(651) 523-2192

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