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Chemistry Tutor 2002/2018


I was born and raised in Bozeman, Montana. All my school years prior to coming to Hamline University were in the public school system where I thrived in taking advanced STEM courses such as statistics, biology and psychology (if you count it as STEM). My all time favorite class was a 4 year course called biomedical science that gave an in depth introduction into the medical field. This class ultimately inspired me to pursue a career in medicine. I am also a professional musician of 6 years. My main instruments are the harp and piano, which I have been playing for almost 13 years, but I have experience with a multiple instruments.

Hamline Experience

I am a sophomore at Hamline where I am planning a biochemistry major with pre-med, a forensics science certification, and a minor in music. This semester I am taking organic chemistry, biology, music history, philosophy, harp lessons, and am participating in Hamline’s orchestra. While I have only played harp in the past for orchestra, I played the piano and percussion in Hamline’s orchestra during my freshman year. I also made the Dean’s List my freshman year while taking chemistry, psychology, statistics, and criminal justice in America.

Other Interesting Facts

  • I love escape rooms! My best friend and I once drove to Los Angeles from Bozeman to do an escape room series. We did not complete them unfortunately 🙁
  • I am a HUGE Tolkien fan. So I tend to go on rants with anything Lord of the Rings related.
  • I also love to read and watch tv shows if I have time. One of my favorite genres is crime, such as Castle, Criminal Minds, Psych, and NCIS. But I do enjoy other genres such as fantasy and comedy.
  • I love music in all forms. My friends like to joke about my random assortment of music ranging from classical to rap to k-pop.
  • I love cats!!