Gary Pontinen

Role: Alumni Advisor Tutor


I grew up in Shoreview, MN, going to public school. My sister, both parents, two uncles, and two cousins went to Hamline. I met my future wife at Hamline, tried to convince my two daughters to go to Hamline but couldn’t convince them. I guess there is a limit to the number of people in one family that can go to Hamline.

Hamline Experience:

I majored in mathematics, physics, and minored in computer science. While at Hamline, I tutored other students in those same subjects. Spent all four years in dorms on campus enjoying the college experience. I started my career as a computer programmer working for another Hamline physics major and advanced my career creating commercial software products which allowed me to recently retire.


  • Looking forward to helping students find love for math and physics. Ok, maybe just like them.
  • I would like to provide perspective to students on how to study and solve problems.
  • Make learning fun!

Other Interesting Things:

  • I play golf 40-50 rounds a year.
  • I play racquetball every week.
  • I enjoy woodworking.
  • I have designed and built a lake house.
  • I enjoy spending time with people.
  • Life is great, pass it on.