Josh Sedarski 

Josh Sedarski

Physics Tutor


I grew up in a multicultural home in Rochester, Minnesota-the hometown of the Mayo Clinic! Despite the dominance of the medical field around me, I found passion in physics. Perhaps this was an inclination established by a childhood spent building Legos and watching Star Wars! I admire the capacity of physics and math to provide some semblance of mastery over the universe, and I have been working hard to harness that power myself!

Hamline Experience

I’m currently a junior at Hamline University in a BS Physics program. I’m deeply fond of my department and have developed close relationships with many of the professors and my peers. Ever since arriving at Hamline, I’ve been closely involved in undergraduate research and outreach programs facilitated by the Physics Department, such as Hamline’s Summer Collaborative Undergraduate Research (SCUR) program and our array of summer camps for high school students! I’m amazed at the variety of cool projects I’ve been able to work on in my time here, such as seeking to improve the accessibility of lead detection methods, synthesizing conductive thin films for solar cells, converting biowaste into energy storage devices, and NASA’s Great Lunar Expedition for Everyone (GLEE). I am also currently a Co-Vice President of Hamline’s chapter of the Society of Physics Students


  • I want to make students more confident in their ability to succeed in STEM.
  • I hope to establish meaningful mentorships that provide students with resources as they prepare for college. Similarly, I hope my identity as a Latine individual will inspire others who share my identity to pursue STEM.
  • I would someday like to work on NASA’s Artemis Program.
  • If not, I’d like to get a Ph.D. and conduct materials science research with applications in renewable energy devices.

Other Interesting Facts

  • I’ve carried my passion for Lego and Star Wars (often together) with me into college! It’s dorky but you’ve gotta feed your inner child!
  • I enjoy sketching and making digital art (the undo button is my favorite).
  • I enjoy playing video games.
  • I like reading, especially about physics topics (though I hardly ever have time to do it).